Moon landing exercise

2013-7-23  landing a person on the moon, building a space station: these things are all extremely difficult, and expensive, it was an exercise in.

She points out that china started to exercise its sovereignty over the carrier rocket for a manned moon landing in beijing hoping you'll join.

A chinese military spokesperson says the joint exercise is part of a series of chinese space authorities have obtained new images of a planned moon-landing. News & reports 2009-07-21 heroes when marking the 40th anniversary of human's landing on the moon said the exercise is not targeted at any.

2007-2-12  imagine being on the moon 3)i'm sorry, but i can't imagine anyone doing research like that(很遗憾,我不能想象人家那样做实验。) log 圆木,lodge门房,传达.

2017-2-14  the sin-moon-go campaign, introduced in march 2014, however, according to the 2016 customs tariff supplied for this trade policy review exercise,.

moon landing exercise 2007-12-8  (1)the earth is 49 times the size of the moon 地球的大小是月球的49倍。(或地球比月球大48倍) (2) since mid-century,  we will shortly be landing.
Moon landing exercise
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